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Pastoral Parish is an easy-to-use software program built to help your parish become a thriving community fully engaged in the Sacramental life.

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Easy Accessibility

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Intentional Community


Every parishioner is a soul to be cared for. We created Pastoral Parish to provide a clear and easy way for priests and parish teams to accompany souls and build a community fully alive in the Sacraments.


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No-Surprise Marriage Prep

Follow all marriage preparation from baptismal certificates to the readings.

Painless Parish Transfers

When a new priest is assigned to the parish, he can receive access to Pastoral Parish before he arrives and have the lay of the land before ever setting foot in a building.

Pastoral Care Tracking

Keep track of every visit and stay up-to-date on which parishioners have requested or need a visit.

Many Hands, Light Work

Whoever is making a pastoral care visit, preparing for a sacrament, or leading a class can update information on Pastoral Parish on the fly.

Simple Funeral Planning

Plan funerals in about a day and a half or even plan funeral preferences years ahead of time.

Anniversary Reminders

Your dentist office never misses your birthday. With Pastoral Parish you can send parishioners notes not just on their birthdays, but on the anniversaries of major sacraments.

Keep in Touch
with your people.
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Manage All Your Weddings with Ease

How Our Lady of Grace uses Pastoral Parish to keep everything on track.

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Pastoral Parish is a great help…

To see at a glance the weddings coming up and how far along the couples are in their marriage preparation requirements and liturgy planning. With several of us on staff ‘touching’ each wedding, it is a great way for all of us to be on the same page and access the information we need.

Mary B.

Our Lady of Grace Parish | Edina, MN
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Designed by a priest


Pastoral Parish wasn’t developed in a cubicle, it was coded with love by a nerd in a collar at a parish rectory. With boots-on-the-ground experience, our team built software to meet the exact needs of priests and parish staff.


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A Dashboard Done Right

When you log in, you have an immediate, up-to-date snapshot of everything going on in your parish. From upcoming events to the number of people in marriage prep to the next home visit, the information you need for your parish to run smoothly is readily available.

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Automation Made Human

Whether it’s generating daily pastoral care reports, setting reminders for upcoming anniversaries, or sending out follow-up messages after a wedding or a funeral, Pastoral Parish offers automated features that help you have a more human connection with your parishioners.

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A Module for Every Sacrament

Sacramental preparation has never been easier to track. All you need is a name and email, and your parishioners can enter or update all of their own information. From there, your team can easily track the progress bars to see exactly where each person is at on their Sacramental journey.

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Customizable to Your Parish

We realize many parishes create their own Sacramental preparation programs. Have no fear, Pastoral Parish is fully customizable so that no matter what your process is, your parishioners’ progress is always easy to track.




What if my parish can’t afford Pastoral Parish?

We want Pastoral Parish to be used by any and all priests and parishes because we firmly believe that it can greatly help them with pastoral care and sacramental preparation. If affordability is an obstacle, then we will work with you to see how Pastoral Parish can fit in your budget.

Is it an app?

Pastoral Parish is a web application that can be accessed through the internet. Any device that can run Chrome and is connected to the internet can access Pastoral Parish. This includes smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers.

Why do I need another piece of church software when we already have software to keep our church records?

Pastoral Parish is different than any other church software available. Pastoral Parish tracks the individual care of the person, the preparation for a sacrament, progress along the way, anniversaries, and follow-up. Unlike any other software on the market, we will help you to keep track of and reach out to ALL those you encounter in your parish. Other church software simply keeps records of the past facts: who registered, who gave, what the date of the baptism was, etc.

Is the Pastoral Parish Software only for the priest to use, or can the church staff also have access to it?

The Priest/Pastor can add as many users to the software as he wants so they can all work together to provide the best care of their parishioners and communicate in a timely manner, keeping all records current and up to date. Pathways can also be created that will allow families and couples to input their own information for funerals, baptisms and weddings that are in the planning process. This unique and impressive feature saves the Priest time and allows for the information to be accurate and spelled correctly on printed programs, sacramental certificates and marriage licences.

What if I have a problem with the software working properly?

If there is an error or problem with the software working properly, report your difficulty to the Pastoral Parish team by emailing Pastoral Parish . We will try to respond within a day. We hope to fix any bugs as soon as possible.

Is it difficult to get started using Pastoral Parish? Does it take a long time to enter our parish information into the software?

No, getting started with Pastoral Parish is not difficult. Our team can help you export member data from your existing database and upload it into Pastoral Parish in a few simple steps. After your information is exported, it takes about 10 minutes to get your data imported.


Transform Your Parish


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